Easy, Kid-Friendly Springtime Home DIYs

Easy, Kid-Friendly Springtime Home DIYs

We’re in the thick of it now. It’s springtime. Flowers are blooming, allergies are booming and we can finally wear a sundress without having goosebumps all day. That means it’s also time spring spruce the house! Grab the kids and get your hands dirty with some of these easy, springtime home DIYs!

1.Dipped Vases.

You need new vases every spring to hold your fresh cut flowers right? Well, how…

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Coleraine Residence by Naturehumaine

Coleraine Residence by Naturehumaine

Coleraine Residence by Naturehumaine

Coleraine Residence is a minimalist house located in Montreal designed by Naturehumaine. The project was completed for a real estate developer on the corner of a quaint residential neighborhood. One of the major impediments of the project was maintaining the two-row house requirement on an 8.7-meter lot without sacrificing natural lighting.

Coleraine Residence by Naturehumaine in interior design architecture Category

The solution was intertwining the units by creating a…

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Cliff Top House / Luigi Roselli

Cliff Top House / Luigi Roselli

Architects: Luigi Roselli
Location: Queens Park, NSW,
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli, Naoko Nishizu
Project Architect: Luigi Rosselli, Carl Rutherfoord
Area: 295 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Edward Birch, Justin Alexander

Joinery: Carl Rutherfoord
Builder: Building With Options
Structural Consultant: Charles Blunt of Rooney & Bye
Interior Designer: Alexandra Donohoe of Decus


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shigeru ban constructs paper log house in the philippines

the temporary bamboo and paper shelters were developed to assist victims of typhoon haiyan that hit the philippines in november 2013.
fujiko nakaya wraps the glass house in a veil of dense fog

for approximately 10 minutes each hour, the monolithic transparent residence will seem to vanish, only to return to sight as the fog slowly dissolves in space.

Panoramic Views, Privacy and Art Over Stuttgart: The Vista House

Panoramic Views, Privacy and Art Over Stuttgart: The Vista House

Vista House by Alexander Brenner Architekten 1 Panoramic Views, Privacy and Art Over Stuttgart: The Vista HouseNorth of Stuttgart, overlooking the city from an impressive perspective, the modern Vista House offers views from three levels. Reached via a southern access road leading to the garage, this dream home belongs to an art loving couple. Alexander Brenner Architektenmade sure the plot would offer the best living solutions for its owners, starting with the existing challenges and working their way up…

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Is There a ‘Perfect’ Density for Cities?

Is There a ‘Perfect’ Density for Cities?

In a compelling opinion piece on the Guardian, Lloyd Alter argues that our current obsession with increasing the density of our cities – mostly by building ever-taller skyscrapers - might be severely misguided. Alter believes that, without tall buildings, cities can achieve a “Goldilocks ” – just dense enough to support lively streets, but not so dense that they become inhabitable. You…

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chinese company 3D prints 10 recycled concrete houses in 24 hours

each house is built entirely out of recycled construction and industrial waste by an enormous 3D printer.

Z House / Jose Antonio Sosa

Z House / Jose Antonio Sosa

Architects: Jose Antonio Sosa
Location: Monte Lentiscal, Las Palmas, Spain
Design Team: Alejandra Vera, Ramón Cruz
Area: 850 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Jose Antonio Sosa

Structural Engineer: Reveriego y asociados arquitectos
Electrical And Mechanical Engineer: Gimeno Ingenieros

From the architect.The topography and slope force the site into a two-terrace configuration that…

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olivia locher documents america’s most bizarre laws

readers might be surprised to learn that in rhode island, it is illegal to wear transparent clothing and that nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool in california.

Harts Lane revisited

Some things just get better with time. I’m talking worn in not worn out. Aging well, developing layers and meaning. We’ve visited Harts Lane, a holiday rental in Daylesford, Victoria before, here and here. Loved the studio and the old house but I’m loving them even more as they have developed their personalities. A change of wall colour, layered with textiles and texture, softened and styled for…

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‘conversnitch’ eavesdropping lamp tweets private conversations in real time

the small device automatically tweets overheard conversations, bridging the gap between (presumed) private physical space and public space online.
dl atelier mimics outdoor orchestra stage as full moon in china

giving the illusion of a full moon sitting over a mountain, the set has been designed for a local children’s orchestra to perform on.

Foster + Partners submits plans for UK’s tallest residential tower

Foster + Partners submits plans for UK’s tallest residential tower

South Quay Plaza London skyscraper by Foster + Partners

News: Foster + Partners has submitted plans for a 73-storey skyscraper at London’s Canary Wharf, which is set to become the tallest residential tower in the UK. (more…)

via. Dezeen

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Studio 128 in Poland: Small in Size, Big on Style

Studio 128 in Poland: Small in Size, Big on Style

What draws many people to big cities is their energy, their diversity, their continuous drive for life. For those of you who have chosen to make your home in a metropolitan area, chances are you live in less square footage than those who live outside city limits. It’s worth the tradeoff for many, being close to things like shops and restaurants and the heart of the city, but living in a smaller…

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